ORT Launches its International Alumni Network

World ORT is delighted to announce the launch of the ORT Alumni Network, an initiative to create a community of ORT graduates around the world.

Having provided education around the world since 1880, the ORT Global Network boasts around two million ORT graduates to date. It’s time to make the most of the opportunity for global connection and collaboration amongst ORT alumni, which is why we are proud to be building a brand new ORT Alumni Network to create connections between current alumni around the world, providing for the next two million ORT graduates to come.

The ORT Alumni Network enables ORT alumni, wherever they find themselves living, to access an international network of like-minded individuals which shares recommendations, opportunities and open discussions. ORT alumni from around the world now have the opportunity to participate in networking events, after-work drinks, lectures, workshops, online webinars and more.

We know that there’s knowledge, experience and potential within ORT and we’re excited to open the door to greater opportunities for ORT alumni and professionals. By working together as a network, we can provide new opportunities as well as a sense of belonging for ORT students and graduates on an international scale.

Creating a sense of belonging with ORT students and graduates

It is vital to allow each of our students to stay connected to the network, even after graduating from their respective ORT schools, colleges and universities. With the creation of an ORT Alumni platform and the organisation of events, after-work drinks and webinars, we will be offering ORT graduates different ways to benefit from the network, meeting everyone’s  needs.

The web portal is accessible at www.ortalumni.org and is open to recent graduates and all former ORT students.  As the platform develops, ORT alumni will have the opportunity to mentor or to be mentored by other ORT graduates, to create conversations via groups, post job offers, create their own events or share their own ORT photos.

The ORT alumni communitypromotes ORT, its values, projects and vision. With the creation of the alumni community, ORT graduates will stay connected, belonging to a vibrant and dynamic community of individuals who share ORT DNA.

Why should ORT graduates join the online alumni platform?

  1. To create a professional network of like-minded individuals who benefited from a similar education based on the same values

By joining the online platform, members can connect and chat with other ORT graduates from around the world. The platform can facilitate professional connections with people from similar academic backgrounds or simply allow you to exchange with other professionals from your field. Has this point not been made already 2 or 3 times?

  1. To mentor or be mentored

Feeling like giving back? Help the next generation by ticking the “become a mentor” box and decide to open the doors of your office or to share your expertise with eager-to-learn ORT alumni / ORT graduates.

  1. To post a job offer / look for a job

The platform also allows members to access the ORT job board where anyone can view or post job offers.

  1. To create your own group and enter meaningful conversations

Every member can create their own group based on their topics of interest. Eager to chat and share with other tech lovers? Wish to connect with former students from your school? Create your own group and invite people to join you for engaging conversations.

  1. To create your own ORT photo albums and ask your friends to contribute

Feeling nostalgic? The portal also allows its members to share their ORT photos and ask their friends to contribute. We’ve already created an album with photos from ORT Morocco in the 50s and 60s. Log-in to have a look.

  1.  To create your own event and invite ORT members

Feeling like organising a reunion? The platform allows you to find and invite your old and future friends by using our integrated event feature.

  1. To connect with ORT graduates from around the world and benefit from their local tips.

We know that many of our graduates will be travelling at some point of their lives – either for leisure or business. Whether they are looking for local tips or a friend to have a Shabbat dinner with, the ORT Alumni Platform also enables social connections and public posts/ announcements/ requests via our home page forum.

Beyond the online platform: become an ORT ambassador

We will be taking the ORT Alumni online community further by creating networking events around the world through lectures, webinars and much more. If you would like to take a more active role in the alumni community of your country, join us as an Alumni Ambassador.

ORT Ambassadors represent their alumni community and their country. They are passionate ORT graduates who voluntarily organise and promote events and webinars, publish relevant local news, events and photos onto the platform and contribute to the creation of promotional materials. All alumni network members can apply to become an ORT ambassador. For more information about how to become an ORT Ambassador, please contact us.

ORT Ambassadors will be in direct contact with Shoshana Kandel, ORT International Projects and Alumni Coordinator. Contact Shoshana Kandel at shoshana.kandel@ort.org for more information

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